The Cookie Mom

If you can think it, I can bake it!

Michelle Newman - "The Cookie Mom"

"The Cookie Mom" started about 16 years ago when my oldest child went to school. On the first day of school, I had baked some cookies, carefully decorated each one, and gave them to my son to hand out to all of his new classmates to celebrate the first day of school.

Next came Halloween, and again, baked cookies, decorated each one, imagining the look of delight on each childs face when they got their very own jack-o-lantern cookie (each with a different silly face), and sent them to school with my son to hand out to his classmates once again.

When Christmas came, I volunteered to bring goodies to the class party, just as many other parents did, only once again, I baked cookies, and this time I took them to school. As soon as I arrived at my sons classroom, the children started running up to me asking, "are YOU The Cookie Mom?" It seems what had begun easily enough by a stay-at-home mom who loves to bake and be creative, was born "The Cookie Mom".

Now my oldest is far past his school days, and my youngest is now 10 years old. I have made cookies for each of my 3 children, for every event, holiday, and "just because", many, many times over through these years. Most mom's who go to their child's school are known as "Andrew's Mom" or "Morgan's Mom", but never me. I have always been, and will always proudly be "The Cookie Mom".

I have great pleasure and delight in baking and decorating goodies for friends, family, and my childrens classmates. Especially when I get to see their faces light up at the sight of what I've brought them this time! I started this business with much urging from my best friend. She kept telling me that I was "wasting my talent if I wasn't getting paid for it!" So, she placed the first order! Then started to tell her friends about me, then I started telling my other mom friends that I was started a cookie business, and the orders started coming in!

I still love baking and carefully hand decorating each goodie, being creative, and feeling a sence of pride and accomplishment with each batch I bake, whether it's for a customer, a friend, or just for me and my family!

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  • "The cookie mom helped my drama students celebrate their Spring Performance with treats that made them all feel like a STAR! She is creative, easy to work with, and her products..."
    Tricia Foster
    dramatically delicious
  • "It is awesome to have The Cookie Mom as your best friend!!!! She has made me the lady bug cupcakes and the cookies that say my name and had little cookies that say 40 for my ag..."
    Jessica Ballard
    recepient of these yummies!